SMS Information

Get current information via SMS from over 30 different channels, including live sports news, jokes and love tips.

You will be charged between 65 – 130 tshs daily, depending on the content you subscribe to.

Subscription channel Shortcode Price(in Tshs)
Fortune sms Bahati 130
Fashion sms Mitindo 130
Dating sms Mtoko 130
Jokes sms Kichekesho 65
Career Tips Ajira 130
Health Tips Afya 130
Weight Tips Uzito 130
Beauty Tips Urembo 130
Motivation Tips Hamasa 130
Cooking Tips Mapishi 130
Proverbs Misemo 130
Travel Tips Safari 130
Bible sms Neno 65
Diet Tips Lishe 130
Quotes Nukuu 130
Friendship Urafiki 130
Business Biashara 65
Wisdom Hekima 130
FENGSHUI Fengshui 130
Love Poem Mahaba 130
Pregnancy Ujauzito 130
Greetings Salamu 130
Family Familia 130
Entrepreneurship Ujasiriamali 130
UEFA Sokaulaya 65
Sports news Michezo 65
Soccer Tanzania Sokatanzania 65

How to subscribe

Send an SMS with the service keyword of your choice to 15671. Charges indicated per channel above.

Terms and conditions

This product applies to SMART customers only. Charges indicated above are daily recurring charges.