Mtu Tano

Product Descriptions:

-This Product allows SMART customers to create a group of 5 people (MTU TANO) and they can enjoy FREE calls between themselves(A Customer can Add up to 4 SMART numbers to create a group of 5 members).

-Also If any member within the group recharges with any given amount of Airtime all members, will get a Bonus of the same amount.  That is, if one member recharge 1000 Tsh he will get a Bonus of 1000 Tshs and all other four members will also get a bonus of 1000 Tshs each.

-The Bonus will be used to call (SMART – SMART) and send SMS to all Local networks at the, valid for 24 hours.

How To Subscribe

A customer Dials *149*00# and selects MTU TANO, then

  • Select Option 1 to Activate to the service
  • A customer can then add members (Max 4 members) by dialing *149*00# again and selecting Options 2 ( Add the number)
  • You can request to see the numbers you have added by dialling option 3 (Query list) in MTU TANO menu
  • You can also remove the number you added (remove from the group) by selecting option 4 i.e. a customer is allowed to remove the number added and add another number
  • Any customer within the Group can also check his Bonus Balance by selecting Option 5 (Bonus Balance) in MTU TANO menu


  • Customers who are currently on Mimi na Wewe cannot activate MTU TANO until they deactivate themselves from Mimi na Wewe Service.
  • Once you are in One group you are not allowed to join or create another group until removed from the current group

For queries or more information Call 100 or 0798 100100