Data Broadband

A fast and reliable Internet connection is the backbone of any smart business. Our SMART Broadband packages offer you 4G wireless and state-of-the-art Metro Fiber technology that ensure your company and clients are connected with reliability and speed.


512 kbps 1 mbps 2 mbps
Monthly fee 180,000 Tsh 355,000 Tsh 705,000 Tsh

Home and office connections require Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE). This is a one-time cost that varies depending on a site survey:

CPE Price Installation
Indoor 289,000 Tsh FREE
Outdoor 659,000 Tsh FREE

If you need additional support, get in touch with us or call 100 or 0798 100 100.

How to pay

  1. Visit any Selcom Paypoint in Tanzania.
  2. Buy Smart airtime for the amount billed on your proforma invoice – send the airtime to your customer ID.
  3. Get a receipt from the Selcom Paypoint for your records.


Save on your home or office Internet connection! We have two offers for you to choose from:

  1. Get your first month Internet service FREE when you pay for CPE;
  2. Get CPE FREE when you pay for 4 months worth of Internet service in advance.

Terms and conditions

Product is subject to contractual agreement between your business and SMART. This service is not limited to the price point or sample use cases provided here in. All prices provided here at tax inclusive.


Phone support: 100 from a SMART line, or 0798 100 100

Email support: