This enables you to back up your phonebook contacts with SMART so that you can rest assured that you can access them anytime and anywhere.

Sample use case 1:

You are a radio DJ and regularly invite people to call you during your show. You receive a lot of new callers this way and store all numbers. But since you also change your device quite frequently, you want to access all your contacts, no matter which device you use. SMART’s SIM Back Up Service allows you to do this, so you can always have your customers with you wherever you go.

Sample use case 2:

A bakery in town gets many calls for orders. It always saves the numbers so that it can relocate previous customers and advertise new products. The SIM Back Up Service from SMART makes this easier, by letting the bakers move around town while always having access to their customers. It also allows them to remember which customer is calling so that they can also remember their respective preferences.


Depends on business needs. Please call 100 or 0740 100 100.

Terms and conditions

Product is subject to contractual agreement between your business and SMART. This service is not limited to the sample use cases provided here in.


Phone support: 100 from a SMART line, or 0740 100 100